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Specialized Adaptive Equipment Program

Many people with developmental disabilities experience cognitive and/or physical limitations that severely impede their communication and mobility capabilities. Fortunately, adaptive equipment and technology has proven effective in assisting many individuals in overcoming obstacles and limitations associated with their disability. Adaptive equipment provides the critical link necessary to assure maintenance and improvement of function, health, independence and safety.

Specialized adaptive equipment and technology is costly, and often cannot be afforded by individuals and families who need it most. Our Specialized Adaptive Equipment Program was created to meet the equipment needs of individuals with developmental disabilities that are not met by any other source such as government entitlement programs, medical insurance or other community resources.

Our Specialized Adaptive Equipment Program exists to enhance mobility and communication, increase independence, facilitate community inclusion, improve quality of life and provide a means for individuals with developmental disabilities to access life-enhancing opportunities such as employment and education. Adaptive equipment and technology can include:
  • Specialized wheelchairs,
  • Adaptive communication devices,
  • Vans and van adaptations,
  • Therapeutic equipment,
  • Health care technologies,
  • Specialized computers and software,
  • Home and environmental adaptations, and
  • Sensory equipment.

At-Home Adaptive Equipment

Because people with developmental disabilities may also need special equipment to move about within their homes Achievable provides ramps, enlarged entry ways, accessible bathrooms, ceiling lifts, stair lifts, specialized beds, special strollers, and specialized wheelchair equipment. This type of adaptive equipment allows children and adults with developmental disabilities to move about more freely and independently within their own homes, significantly improving quality of life for them and their families.