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Wellness Programs

Despite numerous complex health care needs, people with developmental disabilities often lack access to quality health care, including preventive care, general health screenings, specialty care and emergency care.

Even when individuals with developmental disabilities are able to access health care, it is often inadequate and discontinuous due to several challenges including, but not limited to:

  • Lack of funding, especially for specialty care and dental care,
  • Challenges with state-funded insurance reimbursements,
  • Shortage of healthcare providers trained specifically in treating the complex needs of individuals with developmental disabilities,
  • Communication barriers, and
  • Transportation difficulties.

Thus, individuals with developmental disabilities are more likely to experience health problems when compared to the general population. Health problems that disproportionately affect individuals with developmental disabilities include preventable chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, as well as increased risk of health complications.

Achievable's Health and Wellness Initiatives were created to address health care disparities in individuals with developmental disabilities. The goal of Achievable's health care programs is to improve health, well-being and access to appropriate care for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Currently, Achievable is involved in the following health and wellness initiatives: