COVID-19 Update for The Achievable Health Center 5/13/20

Dear patients of Achievable,

I hope you all continue to take good care of yourselves and have been able to access any care that you need. We remain open and available to assist with your medical needs. Please contact us as you need to. We continue to offer telephone, video and in-person visits depending on your need. In the office, we’re doing our best to stagger in-person appointments so you won’t need to spend time in the waiting room with others. We’re wiping down all surfaces in exam rooms between every patient, and frequently cleaning high touch surfaces.

Lots of folks are interested in antibody testing and some of you have been calling to ask about getting antibody testing at Achievable. At this time, the antibody tests that are available are not accurate enough to be useful. Additionally, we don’t know if a positive antibody test means you’re immune to COVID. For these reasons, I am not recommending antibody tests to any of our patients. There are many ongoing studies of antibody tests and levels, and as more information becomes available, we may begin to recommend these tests. If you’ve gotten an antibody test elsewhere, please be aware: a positive test does NOT mean you are immune to COVID. You should continue to practice recommended safety procedures to keep yourself and others safe.

As you may know, anyone in LA County can sign up to be tested for COVID at a city or county site. The website to sign up is: Over time, testing will become more integrated into your usual care, and we may be offering more testing at Achievable, but at this time, for most patients, testing through the city or county is the most efficient way to get results. Again, a brief word of caution- a negative test, especially if you have no symptoms, does not mean that you can’t spread COVID. Please continue to follow all recommended safety measures to protect yourself and others.

LA County Department of Public Health and all of us at Achievable continue to recommend that you stay home as much as possible, that you limit outings to only those that are essential, and that when out, you wear a face-covering AND maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you and others.

You may be receiving a survey from us soon so we can learn more about what non-medical needs you have during this time. The survey is confidential, and I would very much appreciate you responding to the survey, so we can use that information to build needed relationships with community organizations to serve you better.

Thank you, as always, for trusting us with your care,

Michelle Catanzarite, MD
Chief Medical Officer, The Achievable Foundation

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