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Our invaluable programs and services provide a unique support system
to those in dire need of intellectual and developmental disabilities care.

The Achievable Health Center

Serving all residents within its service area, with a particular commitment to serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Emergency Support Program

Financial emergencies are a fact of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Due to the limited resources available to them, these people suffer from the inability to obtain even the most basic necessities.

The Achievable Foundation’s Emergency Support program serves as a safety net to provide resources and assistance to numerous people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in times of need.

Through our program, those in need are equipped with basic necessities and invaluable resources, such as rent, food, clothing, medications, emergency health and dental care, and respite services when they are experiencing unexpected financial stress.

The Emergency Support Program helps prevent homelessness, alleviate hunger, ensure personal safety, encourage productivity, and preserve functioning for people and families served.

If you or a family member are a Regional Center client and are in need of assistance from our Emergency Support Program, contact your Westside Regional Center service coordinator for more information, or contact us at (424) 266-7474.

For questions via email, contact us at:


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