Inspirational Stories

Something so simple as listening to our patients is huge.  With a medical home, a great care team, and a little extra persistence, we are able to turn fractured care into good fracture care. - Dr. Benor, Family Practice Physician

The reality is that there aren't many providers in the community who have the knowledge of caring for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, or who take the time to truly understand these patients' needs.

When we, as a team, are lucky to care for these patients, we work overtime to make a difference in their health and quality of life

Patient Stories:

*These and other stories are true, but the names have been changed to protect the privacy of our patients.

Inspirational Stories, John


Intellectual disability
Inspirational Stories, Jennifer


Down Syndrome
Inspirational Stories, Bobby



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We change the names of the patients in the stories
to protect their privacy.

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